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Hemp Farming Seriously Begins

• arclein
In April, Kentucky passed a measure to legalize industrial hemp production, over the objections of local law enforcement who said it would turn the state’s residents into a bunch of stoners. Kentucky farmers are a bit more cagey about plowing ahead Loflin-style, though, and are instead lobbying the feds to just make this stuff legal already.

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Comment by Ed Price
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There has been talk about arresting people before they commit a crime. There is talk about analyzing people in ways that can be used to determine which of the people are prone to breaking laws, and then to arrest them ahead of time, simply on the pretext that they were going to commit the crime anyway.

Actually, this type of thing has been here for ages already. It's in the laws that forbid people from doing things because they might damage property or harm other people if they do them. All the drug laws are like this. If I want to smoke a little pot, I can't do it legally because I might, then, harm someone or damage his property.

Laws against smoking pot and against a host of other things - like most driving laws - are laws you can get arrested for without having harmed anyone or done any damage. Yet, the courts require, by law and due process, a "corpus delicti," a damaged or harmed "body," whether it is that of a person or that of property.

Do you want to be FREE? Get rid of all laws that limit anyone in the things that they do until they have harmed someone or damaged his property. Then smack the offender, hard, according to the amount of damage he has done. If you don't get rid of all these freedom-robbing laws, not only are you NOT free, but you are opening the doors for a bunch of lawyers to relieve you of your money.

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