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Teacher in trouble for advising students about 5th Amendment before drug-screening survey

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A high school teacher in Batavia, Illinois could be disciplined for informing his students of their Fifth Amendment rights before administering a survey school officials was intended to gauge their emotional needs.

The Batavia Daily Herald reported on May 25 that social studies instructor John Dryden advised students of their right not to incriminate themselves before giving them a “screener” survey on April 18 that had each student’s name printed on it.


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Comment by Ed Price
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One thing that you will see if you thoroughly peruse is that leaders in the Federal Government have converted it (the Government) from a Government of law to a Government of contract. To do this, they had to re-administer the law under the contract system. It was also changed in all the States by the mid 1960s. The people don't understand this.

It's time to start teaching our kids the law from the standpoint of David DeRiemer, Howard Griswold, and Alfred Adask, so that the kids learn how to contract themselves out from under Government authority. The kids can teach their parents. Google the 3 above names, and start studying.

Marc Stevens at is constantly working with folks to get the courts to slip up and formally deny their authority.

This is the reason for the terror attacks on America. Government recognizes that they have little authority. They know that almost all the authority that they have is derived from the consent of the people. Government knows that the people are waking up to this fact.

The terrorist attacks - TSA, Homeland Security, suspicionless vehicle stops, etc. - are all part of the terrorism that Government is perpetrating on the people. In fact, almost all foreign terrorist attacks on American soil are Government backed. The idea is to get the people to ask for Government protection rather than going out and living a lifestyle wherein they are automatically protected.

If government wanted to TRULY protect the people, they would supply ALL the people with guns, the knowledge of how to use them, and the knowledge of contract law. And the training would start with the kids in the schools, so they could lift their heads high, knowing that they really knew the truth.

Somebody tell John Dryden to read this comment, and to research the people and websites mentioned above, so that he can protect himself, and can teach the truth to his classes.

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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A teacher actually teaching his students some reality of truth about their rights and how to protect themselves and their privacy? My God! what's this world coming to? We can't have this. This teacher must be a terrorist for sure. Woe be onto those who teach another the truth.


The hits just keep on comin.


Comment by Powell Gammill
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Comment by Ed Price
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Every now and again yo see some under aged kid arrested for petty misdemeanors, or non-crimes. You even see 4-year-olds arrested by the likes of the TSA for trying to take their medication on-board a plane. And you see lots of kids tried in adult courts for adult crimes these days.


Comment by Powell Gammill
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High School Teacher Faces Discipline for Informing Students About Their Rights


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