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US Mint Resumes Selling One-Tenth Ounce Gold Coins... At A 40% Premium To Spot


When news broke a month ago that the US Mint had suspended selling one-tenth ounce gold coins, perhaps the most surprising news was that there were thousands of consumers willing to pay the exorbitant retail premium demanded by the US mint, with the resulting order deluge promptly sapping the mint's stretched inventories. Well: we have good news - as of moments ago the US mint has once again restocked on the popular denomination (with a 20,000 production limit), and without a limit per household. The even better news: the coin will set you back just $195. This means a "tiny" 40% premium to spot.

 Is there indeed a massive disconnect between spot and physical as the Mint is telegraphing? Nah: must be all those shipping and wrapping costs for the fancy box the coin is put in.

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Comment by Tim Frey
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This Zerohedge article is not entirely correct.  Yes the mint has begun selling 1/10 Gold American Eagle coins.  However, the coin in the ZH article is a collectors proof coin.  1/10th ounce bullion type coins can be purchased for as little as 10% over spot.  In fact Roberts and Roberts will sell them for that plus a small commission (not more than 3%, less if you buy a bunch)

Just saying...

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