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Chemtrails & Pollution Assault: Support Your Immune System

•, Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingie
 Yet, it is difficult for people to realize and “connect the dots” because: (1) so much of it is invisible and off our radar; (2) mainstream media is corporate-controlled disinformation; and (3) most Western physicians have not had any training in environmental medicine.

It is, therefore, extremely important for all of us to re-evaluate what we think we know, or what we’ve been taught in school. We do have choices. We always have the opportunity to become more well-informed. Given the massive environmental pollution and harm to which we are all exposed constantly, it is now URGENT for us to re-think our daily routines and what products we use and what foods we eat.

One of the great benefits of alternative medicine is that it is based on ancient traditions that have worked for thousands of years. None of this is based on harm and/or greed. It is based upon a holistic approach to healing. Ayurvedic, Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), homeopathics, and indigenous herbal medicine all do work.

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