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Judge Snow's Decision Damns Not Just Arpaio, but All of Maricopa County

• Phoenix New Times
....Essentially, Snow found that the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office under Joe Arpaio had engaged for years in a pattern and practice of discriminatory policing aimed at Latinos.

He issued a broad injunctive order forbidding the use of "race or Latino ancestry" by the MCSO for law enforcement functions, including stopping vehicles, detaining those vehicles' occupants, and investigating them for violations of federal immigration law, in addition to state laws such as the human-smuggling and employer-sanctions laws....

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Comment by TL Winslow
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Yes, ever since the U.S. delegalized white supremacy, it's been a tragicomedy to see the bizarre legal decisions, like not being able to check whether a Mexican border crosser is Mexican, much less be able to do anything about it, while if a gringo crosses into Mexico, different laws apply, welcome to my Mexican sand trap.

Still, when it comes to Mexico, the U.S. has a 200-year history of de facto apartheid, which is evil and must go, it really must go, before it festers into gangrene and poisons everybody. Mexican territory shouldn't be allowed to remain backward and undeveloped but should be brought up to the same level as the other 50 states, which can only be done by ending apartheid and permitting mass bidirectional migration, under one set of laws, ours. To get control the U.S. should wake up and accept the inevitability of annexation, and make it work. Only I have a bipartisan plan on the table.  Visit my Megamerge Dissolution Solution Blog to see the details, along with links to thousands of articles on the US-Mexico issue pro and con going back years to see the enormous waste of staying stuck on stupid.



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