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Survival Skills: Build Your Own Gunshot Medical Kit

•, by Tim MacWelch
 This assortment of supplies is tailored specifically to deal with gunshot wounds. A modular kit like this is a great addition to your range bag, your vehicle and even your BOB .

There are plenty of reputable companies out there selling their own gunshot trauma kits. Most kits start around $80. This is a quick solution if you have the money to buy them, but lack the time to assemble your own kit. Or you can follow our lead, by building your own custom kit. I picked up a nice little gear bag for $8 at a gun show, the other gear can be purchased for about $60.

Here’s what I have in my gunshot medical kit:

Dressings – These bandages are critical for bleeding control. Have 2 or 3 dressings each, in several sizes. Go with some 3 by 3 inch ones, some 4 by 4’s, and 1 or 2 larger trauma pad dressings.

Tourniquet – This is another item for heavy bleeding, specifically on limbs. The tourniquet is for occasions when a person would bleed out without the constriction. Yeah, you might do permanent damage to the limb with a tourniquet, but the limb is still no good without someone to use it.

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