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'Liberty Reserve' And Why Some Money Launderers Are "More Equal" Than Others

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Whether it’s the Department of Justice turning journalism into a criminal act, the IRS going after political enemies, or our Noble Peace Prize winning President droning thousands of innocent men, women and children all over the world with flying robots, the oligarch class in this country is dismantling the Bill of Rights one amendment at a time.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Forget the idea of a popular vote for any elected office. It doesn't matter much, anyway. Rather...

Make an overriding, basic amendment, that the popular vote determines one thing... the execution of Government people who don't follow their Oath of Office. Base it on whichever activities the people decide they want to look at... or a whole bunch of activities at the same time if the people want.

Make the Secret Service the executioners. And if they don't do the job, the NSA does it and takes the SS out at the same time. And if the NSA doesn't, the CIA does the dirty work on them all. If the CIA fails, the FBI. If the FBI fails, the people.

Sounds a little like revolution, doesn't it?

As for Liberty Reserve, did they have a whole bunch of back-up websites in place, so that the next site could take over after Government shut the first one down? Did they have back-up people in place to take over? Seems like they didn't. Where's my $3 I had left in my account? The LR people seem to have proven untrustworthy with my money.

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