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Surviving the Finger of God

 The recent natural disaster in Moore, Oklahoma was the latest example of how devastating and terrifying it can be when tasked with surviving the Finger of God funnel clouds that tore through this town and left many structures in complete shambles.

I have had the misfortune of surviving the Finger of God type funnel clouds that all but wiped Moore, OK off the map. I’ve also been unfortunate enough to find myself living in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, on Hawaii, when a hurricane hit, so I am no stranger to employing last minute survival techniques. Having made it through more than my fair share of SHTF situations I may be wiser to the ways of nature and what to look for than others. I currently live in northern Michigan, haven’t seen a twister or hurricanes in decades, but I still pay very close attention when the skies begin to turn dark during an otherwise sunny day.

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