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Trip Report, Part II: The Crossing

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It was intense, like the last song on the new Daft Punk album. Building to a crescendo.

Right up to crossing the galley high above the sea, onto the cruise ship. And that really was the demarcation point. Leaving one world behind for this incredibly beautiful, luxurious environment. When you walk in there is so much to see. The elegant lobby with the towering elevators facing out with its floor to ceiling windows. And then there is so much to see - to explore, to discover.

The ship is like a floating city, or at least a resort. There are restaurants, a spa, cafes, a casino (for god's sake, GAMBLING! woo woo.) a movie theater, stage shows. Not to mention the biggest attraction of all:

The Great Atlantic Ocean of Earth.

Incredible. Nothing could compare. The ship itself was huge. Like a few floating, 12 story city blocks. But in the face of the Atlantic, nothing could compare. Nothing for as far as the eye could see, but the menacing, unflinching, roiling, rolling Atlantic Ocean.

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