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Today on - Friday June 7th 2013

Friday, June 7, 2013
That Foreign Bogeyman
Murray Rothbard on the Soviets, pro-war libertarians, freedom, and peace.
The FBI Knew About Saudi 9/11 Ties
But they lied, says Russ Baker.
The Police State on Steroids
They think only in terms or legal or illegal, never about rights, says Eric Peters.
The DOJ-FBI Have It Both Ways
Ain't nothing here, but the "nothing" is highly classified and sensitive. Article by Sibel Edmonds.
Government Against the People
It gets worse in the late stages, says Paul Rosenberg.
Don't Become a Devil for the Warfare State
Remember your humanity, says Jonathan Goodwin.
Secession Fever in Vermont
And nullification agitation, too. Article by Kirkpatrick Sale.
They Can Persecute You Forever
The IRS has no statue of limitations for failing to make a general confession, says Mark Nestmann.
You're a Target
Of the American surveillance state, says John Whitehead.
The Terrible Future of the Syrian War
Brandon Smith on how the insanity is likely to progress in the coming months.
Live Happy, Wild, and Free
13 tips for getting the most out of your life. Article by Joseph Mercola.

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