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Today on - Tuesday June 11th 2013

Tuesday, June 11, 2013
Independent, Inquisitive Thinkers on JFK
Versus those who defend government fables. Article by Jacob G. Hornberger.
The Day Hiroshima Died
Jonathan Goodwin on Truman's war crime.
Educationally, All That Children Need
Is freedom, says Chantal Saucier.
The State Is Doomed
As the Edward Snowden disruption shows. Article by Josh Steimle.
Because There's No Free Market in Organs
Walter Williams on unnecessary tragedy.
How To Avoid Being Spied On
Anthony Guiccardi on practical options for protecting your privacy.
One Day Your Stockpiles Will Run Out
7 ways to go beyond prepping. Article by Daisy Luther.
Saving Us From the United Stasi of America
Edward Snowden put his life on the line to do just that, says Daniel Ellsberg.
A Combination of the Gestapo and the Keystone Cops
Laurence Samuels on the government and its tax collectors.
10 Best Film Sequels
Vote for your favorite in the poll.
9 Foods You Should Never Eat
You've been told they're healthy, but it's a lie, says Joseph Mercola.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Consider "The State is Doomed" article, I certainly don't know what would happen, or why and how it would happen, if the State died today. But...

At the same time that Government is pulling some nasty shenanigans, they are also protection us to some extent. If Government died today, are there rogue industries and companies that would formally take us over by force?

If Government died today, aren't there enough patriots that would start the thing right back up again... perhaps a little more honest at first, but evolving into the same thing that we have now? And how many of those patriot groups are really being led by jokers who want to control the world rather than free it?

When the State dies, especially if it just flops over, dead, things are going to be tougher than ever for awhile.

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