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Bonds Burned By Ugly, Tailing 30 Year Auction

 When Issued, which traded at 3.324% at 1pm - the biggest tail in a long time. It was also the highest yield for a 30 Year since March 2012. The internals were not pretty either - the Bid To Cover coming at 2.47, well below the TTM average of 2.59 but hardly the massive BTC collapse that we saw in yesterday's 10 Year. And just like yesterday, the Directs ran for the hills taking down just 8.5%, compared to 15.2% in the past year average, Indirects taking 40.2% and 51.3% or so left for the Dealers who will be happy to stock up on some more collateral.

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Comment by TL Winslow
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Once again we get to read the mental puke of Lendmeyourears. As always, if he's against something, we can suspect we should be for it.

[[Washington, its allies, and proxies use chemical and other illegal weapons. Permanent wars reflect longstanding US policy. Americans are deceived and lied to. Truth is verboten.]] 

Duh, if truth is verboten, who gave him a pass to publish his torrents of drivel, Washington and its allies? :)

Maybe Syria did use chemical weapons, as if I care either way. I just hope Pres. Obama keeps American troops out of the conflict and lets the madass Muslims kill each other off while we shout Wolverines.


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