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4 Government Conspiracies That Make PRISM Look Pedestrian

 But conspiracy theorists would say that PRISM, which stands for "Planning Tool for Resource Integration, Synchronization, and Management," isn't that surprising. In fact, some of the projects and investigations that the U.S. government is rumored to be conducting make PRISM look pretty unremarkable.

Now that's not to say that even a fraction of what you'll hear from famous conspiracy theorist Alex Jones or conspiracy forum is true. But most theories have a kernel of truth at their core. [Why the NSA's PRISM Program Shouldn't Surprise You]

For example, did you know that Area 51 is a real place? It's a high-security portion of Edwards Air Force Base, located near Groom Lake, Nev. Now, there probably aren't actual extaterestrial remains or flying saucer artifacts at Area 51, but if evidence of alien life existed, that's a likely place you would find it.

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