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HTC develops Fetch device locator technology


The application describes some sort of portable tracking device for finding other electronic devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and personal digital assistants. Apart from that, however, there is little information available about Fetch.

Engadget says that Fetch could possibly have a software and a hardware component, the latter probably enabled by Bluetooth.

Furthermore, it says that apart from locating missing gadgets, HTC Fetch could be used for locating people, as well.

As Android Authority reports, however, HTC’s filing comes shortly after the a conference about preventing device theft was held in New York. The conference underscored the huge problem of stolen devices today, and some of its attendees suggested that phone makers integrate a kill-switch feature which would be turned on once a device is reported missing.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Either you carefully take care of your electronic devices so that they aren't stolen, or you get the "insurance" - Fetch. When someone steals your device, you call in Fetch to track it for you. And when Government wants to track you - which is probably all the time - they call in Fetch to track your devices.

Probably this company will grow by leaps and bounds when Government REQUIRES that Fetch be placed in all electronic devices. Invest in HTC now, and get rich in the near future.