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Secrets of the Transhumanist Agenda Revealed at 2013 Conference

Dmitry Itskov spoke at the Global Future 2045 Conference (GF2045) wherein he said that he would like to see technology developed that would allow human consciousness to be inputted into artificial computer neuro-brains and hologram bodies. In 2020 Itskov envisions human brains being controlled by remote robots. By 2025, there could be human consciousness “transplanted” into a robotic body which would replace the flawed physical bodies we now use. The end goal for Itskov would be artificial brains controlling holographic bodies in 2045. Referred to as neo-humanity, Istkov has begun his own political party in Russia called Evolution 2045. Itskov said: “We shouldn’t just observe the wonderful entrepreneurs — we need to move ahead systematically. We are really at the time when technology can affect human evolution. I want us to shape the future, bring it up for public discussion, and avoid any scenario that could damage humanity.”

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