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Alternative gardening methods

  All of them are “no till no weed” methods. For those looking for a new or different method, this might spark your creativity. Whatever this article may contain, my husband says the best alternative garden is to hire the neighbor kid to do it.

Container gardens have been used for eons. Anything that has good drainage and enough sun can be used as a planter. “I can’t garden. It’s too hard.” is an excuse I hear at least once a year. In extreme cases, I have demonstrated that even two bags of potting soil can be a garden. I place the bags on their sides, making a level surface. I poke holes in the bottom side of the bags for drainage. I slice open the tops, and plant seeds or transplant plants. Poof. You have a garden. I do admit it’s an object lesson, but hey, it works. And yes, you can grow right in the bag. Container gardening does not have to be expensive. I’ve seen number 10 cans screwed to a fence line and bushels of produce ensue.

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