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I agree with Jesse Ventura 99% of the Time, But This is a Deal breaker for me

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  I hope he does make a run in 2016 and get into the debates, but there is one thing I fear about him and I strongly disagree with. That being his view to reinstate the draft.

Jesse has stated that he used to oppose the draft but now does not due to the countless wars and the American People not pressuring the government as much since little johnny is not forced to fight in a war via the draft like in Vietnam.

I can understand Jesse's point of view as having a draft would have the American public much more engaged in war decisions as they risk getting forced to fight in wars.

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Comment by Ed Price
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There are certain legal parts of any draft, and there are illegal parts. Among the legal parts might be the requirement that a person between ages 18 and 40 would have to show up for a physical. Among the illegal parts would be that the person is required to sign any document.

If you don't sign on the line, they won't draft you.

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