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Revealed: the top secret rules that allow NSA to use US data without a warrant

• The Guardian
Top secret documents submitted to the court that oversees surveillance by US intelligence agencies show the judges have signed off on broad orders which allow the NSA to make use of information "inadvertently" collected from domestic US communications without a warrant.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Do you smoke a pipe? Smoke this.

What does the SPIRIT of the Constitution say about the distance and location of the authority of the United States? Answer :10 square miles, and the territories. That's it. That's the SPIRIT that was the overwhelming consensus at the time of the writing of the Constitution and the formation of the Federal Government. Not even the right to contract can extend this territory.

When the people come to understand this, they will also understand that the current Federal Government is NOT the original United States of America.

The BIG question is, what will the people do? Will they kick the Feds out? Or will they succumb to some crazy notion that America has been taken over, and that there is nothing that they can do?

Well, all we need to do is to continually let the people think that the crooks in Big Gov are out to harm them, while at the same time showing them the SPIRIT of the Constitution.

Do you know how many people out there think that we need the IRS income tax? They are large legion. The SPIRIT of the Constitution says NO INCOME TAX... NO POLL TAX... NO HEAD TAX. All taxation of any kind like this has always been adjudicated to be unconstitutional. And until we see and apply, like Billy Foust and Howard Griswold and many others, that we only pay IRS taxes by an AGREEMENT that we made, and that we only lose in court because we agree to adhere to the judgment of the court against us, this whole illegal action of Fed Gov will continue over the land... AGAINST THE SPIRIT OF THE CONSTITUTION.

Read what the Constitution says and apply it in your life... and be free.

Comment by Ed Price
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@Olde Reb

When you and I make an agreement between us, it is only a "law" between us. It affects nobody else. Our law can be secret between us.

If there were only, say, 5 simple laws in all the law books, we would ALL know what those laws were, and how we had given authority, through our vote, to the folks who made the laws.

So, is it really "the 'law' of which we know nothing about that is used to subvert the law of which we believe is in effect ?" Yes and no.

Yes, because there are so many laws, and because there is such a tangle of understanding in them that it is difficult to figure them out. It's like we don't know them, even when we read them.

No, because the laws are public in the Federal Register and the law books, we DO know about them, and have no escuse when we do not apply ourselves to the understanding of them.

The Uniform Commercial Code, the systematic organizing of commercial law which now dominates, is found throughout the rest of the law, and was set in place to make it easier to understand what the rest of the laws said and say about commercial activity.

Now that we have been duly apprised of the situation, we have opportunity to change things.

Here is where we can do it in one fell swoop. We can push the SPIRIT of foundational law, the CONSTITUTION. It's the hinge, the SPIRIT of the Constitution. THEY can't make taxation laws, no matter how ingeniously designed, and no matter how technically legal, if the laws go against the SPIRIT of foundational law.

But THEY CAN get away with it if there is no challenge. And the people can't easily challenge what they don't know or understand. And even if the people understand and DO challenge, if law enforcement doesn't understand, there is going to be a battle.

All the laws have been designed for this ONE thing: to keep the people eternally focused on the laws, and not on the SPIRIT of the CONSTITUTION, which can be used to change things back to the way they are supposed to be almost instantaneously.

Comment by Olde Reb
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@Pure Trust

So it is the “law” of which we know nothing about that is used to subvert the law of which we believe is in effect ?

Just as there is no lawfully established income tax (certainly not Section 1 or Sections 7201-7215) on an individual but when we sign the tax form over the caveat “taxpayer’s name” and “taxpayer’s address” we accept the legal status of “taxpayer” and therefore the indictment does not need to allege a “known legal duty” to comply with due process ? Ref. Part 4 & 5 Addendum.

How about the “law” that established the Federal Reserve but allows them to hide $4 billion daily from the auction accounts handled exclusively by the FRBNY ? Under any other circumstances, this would be called embezzlement. Ref. .

This does not even address how the N.W.O uses the $4 billion to fund its operation. Ref.

Comment by Ed Price
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Billy Foust and many others have shown that the nation has long ago been transformed into a corporation. They have also shown that the birth certificate (application for it) is a U.C.C. 1 form, which is a transfer of property form. At the time of your birth, your parents transferred their new property, namely YOU, to the Government. You are now owned by the Government. At least until you contest it in the proper way.

Since you are property of the corporation, and since the corporation is all about profits, and since the Bill of Rights doesn't apply to property owned outright, the judges HAD to sign off on the NSA surveillance thing. After all, the judges can't tell the rest of Government what and what not to do with its own property. We are a nation built on laws designed to protect private property rights for the owners of that private property, right? And you are the property of the Government, because your mom (or dad) signed you over to Government with the birth certificate U.C.C 1 transfer of property form.

Ask Billy Foust. Search his name in YouTube, and watch the 18 videos link there.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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