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Tragedy & Hope Made Easy - Chapter 5

So far we’ve covered how the network uses money to control governments, businesses and trusted institutions. We’ve touched on how it developed ingenious ways to control other people’s financial resources; their savings accounts, their insurance payments and even their income. We’ve also gone over its greatest swindle of all: Granting itself the legal authority to create money out of thin air. With all of these monetary tools at its disposal, the network has secretly and systematically consolidated its power over global policies that affect the lives of billions of human beings. Unelected, its members operate beyond the reach of voters; unaccountable, they violate national and international laws with impunity. Obviously, if we intend to unseat them, we cannot continue playing by the rules of the system that they have created. We must be prepared to think and act in unapproved ways and that begins with striking the root of their power…money.

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