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Exotic Form of Matter

• arclein
“Inspired by this discovery, we decided to further study the Y(4260) decay, which indeed did not disappoint us,” said particle physicist Zhiqing Liu, lead author of a paper from the Belle experiment that appeared in Physical Review Letters on June 17. A second paper from BESIII, of which Liu is also a member, appears in the same issue.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Think about this, now. None of these observations includes thinking on the psi factor. What I mean is this.

Centuries and millennia ago nobody knew about the atom. Wikipedia, the online encyclopedia, at, suggests that "The concept of an atom as an indivisible component of matter was first proposed by early Indian and Greek philosophers. In the 18th and 19th centuries, chemists provided a physical basis for this idea by showing that certain substances could not be further broken down by chemical methods, and they applied the ancient philosophical name of atom to the chemical entity."

Further, this Wikipedia article says, "References to the concept of atoms date back to ancient Greece and India. In India, the Ājīvika, Jain, and Cārvāka schools of atomism may date back to the 6th century BCE. The Nyaya and Vaisheshika schools later developed theories on how atoms combined into more complex objects. In the West, the references to atoms emerged in the 5th century BCE with Leucippus, whose student, Democritus, systematized his views. In approximately 450 BCE, Democritus coined the term átomos (Greek: ἄτομος), which means "uncuttable" or "the smallest indivisible particle of matter". Although the Indian and Greek concepts of the atom were based purely on philosophy, modern science has retained the name coined by Democritus."

If you read the Wikipedia article, you will see that gradually, over many years, people came to understand the atom. Then, like the atom, people came to understand electrons, protons and neutrons... and finally sub-atomic particles... and somewhere along the lines in there, electromagnetic fields of force.

Well, what if people didn't understand something that existed? What if by gradually coming to believe that these things existed, the things were created? What if sunlight and energy, and atomic and sub-atomic particles were never really there, originally? What if it was completely something else, something "psi?" What if the gradual belief that the particles and energies exist is what brought them into being? What if such particles as Y(4260) and Z(3900) are being CREATED, not discovered, created by the belief that the atomic colliders can discover such things?

Personally, I think that the whole thing revolves around faith or belief. And people are using their faith to do things that weren't meant to be done. And they don't even know that they are doing it. And they TRULY don't know the results of what they are doing playing with faith like this.

It is our faith that keeps Obama in control. The more we believe that we can't overcome him and Government, the stronger we make him and them by our faith.

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