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Police Officer Tobler Blows His Top Because Citizen Knows His Rights

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Comment by Ed Price
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I kinda think that it is our duty to keep an eye on police. Why? Because there are too many times when police get out of control and beat somebody - even to death when handcuffed - when the most they should have done was pick the character up and haul him to jail.

Do you remember the old "Elliot Ness and the Untouchables" series from years ago? Bad cops have been around forever. And the only reason they are getting publicity now is the Internet and cellphone cameras. Bad police is not something new, just as good police still outnumber the bad ones 10 to 1.

If the officer felt intimidated, but was NOT doing wrong, he should have simply asked the couple if they needed assistance in some way, or if there was any way that he could assist them. When they answered "No," he should have simply gone on with his business. I mean, they were well away from the scene.

Notice how the second cop helped the first one cool down a little. If a cop is having a bad day - maybe his wife left him, or his mother died - he should have enough sense to take the day off.

A department store job is a little different. Department store workers don't carry guns, generally. And they don't have the kind of authority police MUST assert on occasion. Police need to keep their cool in all situations. It's a tough job. If they can't handle it, they should get a desk job. The second cop did great. The first one was having a bad day.

Comment by Linda Jensen
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It really seems to me that the young man was antagonizing the situation more than he should have. I felt he wanted to start some kind of scene that was not necessary. The officer was trying very hard to be patient wanting to avoid a conflict very well, but the young man was set on provoking him.  There are boundaries that are right and there are those that are not! As the officer said, he felt there jobs were being hindered by people watching them, watching to see them make a mistake. Too much distrust here, perhaps wanting to check out how to not be afraid of something that could be, but in this situation it seemed the young man and girl were just plain trying to get a rise out of the officer that caused trouble that should not have happened. Encouraging an officer to lose his cool was not cool.

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