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Safe and easy ways to get rid of body odor

 . It is for this reason that the use of deodorants is on the rise, especially among younger people, but there are many other ways to treat body odor and thus prevent it from ruining your self esteem. Most of these remedies can be done within the comfort of your home.

8 home remedies for getting rid of body odor1. Keep it clean - This may seem very simple. One of the main causes of bad body odor is a general lack of physical hygiene. You can dramatically improve the scent of your body by improving your hygienic approach. Wash away bacteria that cause body odor by having regular baths using antimicrobial soap. Apply soap especially on odor "danger spots" such as the underarms.

2. Control your emotions - Emotions such as anger and anxiety can trigger sweating in a big way. With extra volume of sweating comes sweat, and with sweat comes potential body odor. Controlling your emotions can go a long way in controlling bad body odor.

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