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Big Brother’s power is building, warns George Orwell biographer

‘Orwell wrote 1984 as a warning. He felt that if someone didn’t sound the alarm loudly enough, eventually a lot of the freedoms he cherished would be lost.’ Earlier this month, the most talked about novelist in the English language wasn’t Dan Brown, Stephen King or George R. R. Martin and his Game of Thrones series. It was George Orwell, whose most famous novel, 1984, saw its sales spike by a reported 7,000 per cent. Of course, this happened after Edward Snowden pulled back the curtain on a massive surveillance program in which the U.S. National Security Agency could scour the data on the cellphone and internet activity of U.S. citizens. Terms like Orwellian and Big Brother became ubiquitous in the media and everyday conversation.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Faith, or belief, is a strong thing. Consider, if you didn't think that it were at least possible that you could be hired, would you have even applied for that job? If Henry Ford had thought that the automobile using the Otto-cycle engine was something that wouldn't work, would he have even tried to build one? If Werner von Braun hadn't at least believed that rockets had a chance of reaching the moon, would he have even gone into the U.S. space program?

The point is, people had a vision. They believed that they could accomplish something. And because they believed (true belief, not an attempt at forcing themselves to believe something that they knew was impossible), they accomplished a lot of things.

Do you think that if the Government can get the people to believe that they (Government) are a dictatorship that has supplanted the Republic, that the peoples' belief will cause it to happen, whether or not the people like the idea? Perhaps this is the goal of ALL Government propaganda. Perhaps nothing happens until the large majority of people believe.

We need to start talking the positive possibility of the overthrow of corrupt Government. We need to talk it as a reality, stronger than the way Government talks its propaganda as though it were a reality. We need to fight fire with stronger fire. We need to fight Government's unrealistic propaganda with REALITY TALK. Let's be positive, talk positive, act positive, so that we can BELIEVE POSITIVE.

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