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Seeing Through Walls With Wi-Fi... er... Wi-Vi

• PC Magazine
And here you thought that the main benefit a wireless connection was just for making sure that you didn't have to drag a super-long Ethernet cord wherever you went. Researchers at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory have developed a creative new use for Wi-Fi that, as they describe in a recently released statement, can transform a person in a home or office environment into a kind-of Superman. The wireless signals we're talking about don't give them the ability to punch through steel (we hope) or shoot lasers from their eyes (we really hope), but they do grant anyone a kind of X-ray vision that gives them the ability to see through the various walls and objects within their wireless environment. Sort-of. You can probably guess how this system works, but here's the short version: "Wi-Vi," as the MIT researchers dub it, is kind of like radar imaging, in that the system uses a low-powered Wi-Fi signal to track where human beings happen to be in a particular s

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