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Silver Circle Movie now available online!

• iTunes
Silver Circle -  PG-13
Pasha Roberts

Open iTunes to preview, buy, and download this movie.

Plot Summary
In the year 2019 the worst economic collapse in history has rocked the United States and many questions have been left unanswered. Federal Reserve Investigator, Jay Nelson (De’Lon Grant), is assigned to a suspected arson case where a group of homes, owned by the Federal Reserve Bank, have been burned to the ground. His investigation soon leads him to a thriving, underground Rebel movement that is poised to destroy the Federal Reserve. Jay realizes there is much more to this arson case than meets the eye, and after being baited by the beautiful and vigilant Rebel leader, Zoe Taylor (Philana Mia), Jay begins to question his allegiance to the Fed. With an ageless, yet well-timed message against corruption, Silver Circle is a story that may feel just a little too close for comfort.
Released: 2013 © 2013
Lineplot Fed Movie LLC

A monumental day for the ‘End the Fed’ movement. The long-awaited, Ron Paul endorsed, 3D-animated film, Silver Circle is finally released for home viewing on over 15 convenient Video On Demand platforms - most excitedly...iTunes!


In honor of the occasion, sympathetic rebels worldwide are joining us in our VOD-Day initiative to spread the word about Silver Circle’s VoD launch by encouraging friends to “Rent, Rate & Review” the film on blogs and social media. The more reviews, ratings, and downloads that the film generates around launch time, the more visible it will be to the masses. By helping to expose audiences to Silver Circle, you will be spreading the message of sound money in a compelling and entertaining way.


To participate, first visit iTunes to download and check out the film! Fans can buy the film in HD for $12.99 or standard definition for $9.99, and rentals cost $4.99 for HD and $3.99 for standard definition. Then, simply rate and review the film on iTunes and create your own blog and social media postings encouraging friends to do the same!


Help us make this VOD-Day launch a viral phenomenon! Let’s use the compelling vehicle of entertainment to spread the “End the Fed” message.


If you have any questions about VOD-Day or Silver Circle, feel free to contact For those interested in DVDs, a DVD/Blu Ray release is being planned for later this summer, so hang tight!


Check out the Silver Circle trailer below:


Hope to hear from you soon and thank you for continuing to support liberty through film. This release should be impressive!


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