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Edward Snowden's "Safe and Dreary" Global Prison

• by William N. Grigg (Lew Rockwell blog)
The "empire of the Romans filled the world," recalled Edward Gibbon, with some exaggeration. This meant that the known world became "a safe and dreary prison" for those who had provoked the Emperor's displeasure. There was no place that the "slave of imperial despotism" could find "a happier climate, a secure refuge, a new fortune adequate to his merit, [and] the freedom of complaint...."

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Comment by Don Duncan
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It may be dreary, but hardly safe. The only safety from the US assassins is in disappearing without a trace. Why would the US care? The damage is done, e.g., the death of Snowden will not stop his expose. But it might make the new whistleblower think twice. That is the real purpose of hounding and vilifying him. It's very dangerous to expose the US empire's shameful deeds.