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A Rudimentary Liver Is Grown from Stem Cells


In work that will raise hope that organs could be repaired or even grown from scratch using a patient’s own tissue as the raw material, Japanese researchers have created functioning liver tissue from stem cells and successfully transplanted them into mice.

The researchers found that a mixture of human liver precursor cells and two other cell types can spontaneously form three-dimensional structures dubbed “liver buds.” In the mice, these liver buds formed functional connections with natural blood vessels and perform some liver-specific functions such as breaking down drugs in the bloodstream.

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Comment by Ed Price
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One extremely powerful, yet mostly overlooked point is, scientists/researchers/doctors are just barely able to grow a liver from stem cells. You can tell, because they themselves call it a "rudimentary" liver.

In fact, even though this may be a historic milestone marker in modern medicine, the researchers barely did what they did using all kinds of biological, already-formed, already-made, materials extracted from living tissues.

The point is, NATURE is so far ahead of us that we will probably never catch up. Anybody who thinks that there is no God, has simply ignored how unable we are for creating - or even manipulating - things in this universe and life... things that exist in large quantity of high complexity, like life. What is God? If God doesn't explain Himself to us, there's probably no way that we will ever figure Him out.

But we can tell for sure that He is there. We can tell it by how complicated the intelligently designed universe is around us. We can tell by how difficult it is for us to even extract knowledge of the inner workings of nature from it.

I mean, look at the definitions of "God" or "god" in the dictionaries and you will see that Whatever organized this universe must truly be God! And if Nature did it itself, then Nature is God.

Do you think that God has revealed Himself to us in a more direct way? Maybe He has in a book. Maybe that book is the Bible.

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