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Egypt: 'This is the celebration of the end of democracy'

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Comment by Ken Sutter
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 "THE" precedent HAS been set. You criminals in power and your puppetmaster elite bankers take heed. "The People" have had enough of your lies, enough of your wars, enough of your greed, enough of your genocide.

"THE" precedent HAS been set.

Thank you Egypt. 

Comment by Ed Price
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Wow! Egypt is way ahead of us. Democracy means majority rule. And when you have millions upon millions of people, who knows for sure what the majority thinks or has voted on? The government tells you what the majority thinks. But there is little method for proving whether or not government is telling the truth, or even if it really knows or cares.

Down with democracy. Up with the REAL republic. Republic means, hands off the people. Republic means that the people are free to do anything that they want as long as they don't harm other people, or damage their property.

REPUBLIC MEANS FREEDOM. Democracy means dictatorship by an unknown dictator, or a group acting as a dictator.


Regarding Egypt, of course, it isn't over. We'll see.

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