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My name is Tyger Gilbert.

I'm a writer, artist, photographer, web designer and programmer, and I live in Phoenix, Arizona. I've been here since right after dirt was invented out in the Sonoran Desert and I've seen a lot of things happen over the years. I've been blessed and cursed with an IQ that is in the top 1% of the population, and it has made me see things very differently from most people a lot of the time.

Because of this, I've felt like an outsider looking in for much of my life, but by a great deal of introspection, I have come to realize that a lot of people feel this way about many aspects of their lives, too. My ongoing fascination with philosophies of the world throughout history has also produced unexpected but valuable conclusions on common perceptions and how things really are.

You and I probably agree on a lot of thoughts, attitudes, and beliefs about how the world is being run these days. I get really angry when I watch the nightly news or read about all the wars, the hunger, sickness, and protests all over the globe. I feel so helpless that I can't do anything to stop all the pain and suffering I see. I am very disappointed that none of the prominent religions seem to provide answers to these problems, and in fact are often the cause of them. I get frustrated by all the promises made by politicians everywhere who say they will find and implement solutions, but never do. I suspect you often feel the same as I do about these conditions.

If you do feel upset by these things, I hope you will help me with this book I'm writing that I believe provides workable answers and reveals ways you or anyone else can put them into action to benefit a lot of people. People you love and want to see happy. And you will be able to use these revolutionary new concepts that I describe to achieve your own personal freedom as well.

This book is the culmination of many years of philosophical analysis and soul searching for me. I disagreed with much of what I was taught by my parents and teachers in school because it just didn't make sense to me. I struggled with that most of my life until just a couple years ago when I realized that most everything I had been taught was wrong! And it was not that my parents and teachers and everyone else meant to deceive me, it was that what they were taught and believed is not how things really are, not then, and surely not today.


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This is a book that will contain many of the concepts and philosophies of the libertarian / prepper movements, which I have followed and been a part of for years in my involvement with Freedom's Phoenix. I'm sure it will be something most every reader here would want to have and pass on to others as gifts and political "promotional" materials. I know a lot of people don't have any money to contribute these days, but you can be of great help by talking it up big on your social networks like Facebook and Twitter and by emailing your friends and family about it. You can send them the link to it so they can read the entire story on it for themselves at:  Thanks, so much!

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