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What's Happening in Egypt?

•, By Staff Report
Former US Ambassador and neocon John Bolton has endorsed the Egyptian coup and the insightful libertarian Lew Rockwell believes nothing good can come of it for Egyptians. Below, we ask whether this is one of the greatest diplomatic reversals for the US in modern times ... then add in our conclusion that "we don't know." What seems fairly certain is that the Muslim Brotherhood would not have obtained power without US backing and now they are out of power. What takes place over the next few days and weeks should clarify this tale. We hope whatever happens will benefit Egyptians, who have seen nothing but bloody turmoil and despotism for decades.

Mohamed Morsi's removal constitutes one of the greatest reversals of US diplomacy and intelligence operations in the modern era? Wasn't Morsi Washington's man?

We've stayed away from commenting because there are no "elves" on the ground in that part of the world, and because we believe most if not all of the current protests/wars in Africa and the Middle East are at least indirectly the product of US intel.

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