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Do You Really Know the U.S. Constitution?


The U.S. Constitution is a document with a history, and most of us learn all about it in school -- well, maybe not all about it. This Constitution Day, test your knowledge of some lesser-known facts about the U.S. Constitution.

Patrick Henry turned down an invitation to the Constitutional Convention because:
A)He was in ill health.
B)He was going to be in France at that time.
C)He didn't trust it.
Patrick Henry, a leading figure in the American Revolution, decided not to be a delegate because, as he later revealed, he "smelt a rat."

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Comment by Ed Price
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How did Lara Croft say it in "Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life?"

"Nature is about balance. All the world comes in pairs. Yin and yang, right and wrong, men and women, what's pleasure without pain..."

So, here we have the Constitution, forming a Government, that is all balanced. The Executive, the Judiciary, the Legislative. They all balance each other out. But they are all on the same side of the equation. What's on the other side? The people.

What do the people have? The vote? Does the vote have teeth in it?

It's time that we get at least 2 major items that have teeth in them.
1. The platform that the winner runs on becomes a binding contract with the people. He fulfills it in timely manner, or he is punished, up and to including execution.
2. Required punishment up to and including execution for exercising Governmental authority outside the Oath of Office.

The details for making these things happen need to be worked out. But it is way beyond time that they are put in place, right into the Constitution by binding Amendment.

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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How much does Robert Lee know?  Apparently he believes the 13th Amendment abolished slavery. He better go back to his history books and find the original 13th Amendment. There was a bill out of New Hampshire that was reviving the 13th Amendment until a foreign agent in the legislature tabled it and now it has not been heard from again. OH how we have all been so dumbed down.

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