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Newly Discovered Tick-Borne Disease Could Be Worse Than Lyme Disease

 The new disease, Borrelia Miyamotoi Infection, was first found in humans in 2011. But now, a new report is saying that the disease has already infected over 100,000 New Yorkers since the state first started keeping track.

Borrelia Miyamotoi Infection closely mimics Lyme disease, but seems to be much worse for those who become infected. Just like Lyme disease, Borrelia Miyamotoi Infection is spread when someone is bitten by a common deer tick.

Symptoms include relapsing fevers, headache, flu-like symptoms, muscle pains and other Lyme disease type problems. But unlike Lyme disease, this illness is harder to detect since the infected person does not develop the typical rash that you see with Lyme disease. This makes treatment difficult, since most people miss the chance to receive early antibiotic treatment.