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How Will Driverless Cars Affect Our Urban Future?

 Google has been working for years to perfect the driverless car, as have other companies that actually produce and sell cars like Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Tesla and Toyota. And in May, there were even rumors circulating that Google and Tesla in talks to work together on such a car.

While driverless cars would certainly make sense even in today’s world of analog, human-operated vehicles, Bilton points out that a future in which self-navigating transport is common could look very different from today. In his piece he brings up two main points: City planning (particularly where parking is concerned) and urban sprawl.

Forbes writer Tim Worstall responded to Bilton’s article with counterpoints, claiming that driverless cars would not make cities smaller as Bilton seems to believe. Rather, he says, they’ll make everyone spread out even more, further contributing to urban sprawl.

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Comment by Dennis Treybil
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 Holy individual obsolescence Batman!

Shades of "The Minority Report" and "I Robot"!!

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