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Recent Thunderbird Sighting

• arclein
The man, who was only able to observe it for several seconds, described it as very dark brown or black in color. The neck was short, and he didn’t get a good look at its head, but the body itself was very large and he noticed a huge tail. What did catch his eye were the wings, and he stated to me, “the wingspan was gigantic.” He saw the bird flap its monstrous wings twice as it moved steadily toward a thickly wooded area to his right. The witness, who only saw the huge bird from a side view, estimated that the wingspan was about twent

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Comment by John Hendu
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I saw a giant raptor with a 20-25 ft wing span. Easily the size of a small plane, on April 10 2016, near Kumara NZ. Even had a small plane (in the foreground) in direct line of sight for scale , still cant believe what i saw. plane was approx. 2000 ft, the bird was at least 7-10,000 ft. At first thought i was seeing 2 planes. I watched the enormous raptor for maybe 30-40 seconds, till it flew off the horizon. Wasn't until then that got a little bit nervous knowing that they still exist! Wont look at the outdoors the same. Wont ever forget, don't care if anyone believes me or not.. but for me the only thing i can say is..... simply awesome.

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