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CO2 Generators Produce Greenhouse Levels of 1000 ppm to Double Plant Growth

• arclein
As a society interested in reforestation, expanding the diversity of plant life, nourishing trees and re-greening deserts, we should no longer tolerate anyone engaged in hate speech against Mother Nature and CO2. Those who attempt to demonize this critical nutrient for the planet are engaged in a kind of hate-motivated racism against plants.

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Comment by Ed Price
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Good blog, TLW. Do you have a reason for centering everything on the page? And for not separating the paragraphs by an empty line? It would be a lot easier to read that way.

I'm thinking that it is just possible that nature foresaw the need for more CO2. I mean, while the population is a low 7.5 billion worldwide, lots of good land is locked up in the frigidly cold areas, or in the dry hot areas. I say locked up, because nobody can use those areas to their full advantage because of the climate extremes.

Maybe nature looked ahead at a day when the population was going to REALLY explode. And nature kept these lands hidden. Now, with all the oil we burn, there is a lot more CO2 starting to come into the atmosphere. The lands will start to move into climates where we can use more of them. Then as we use more lands because they become climate friendly, the population increases further, more and more oil is burned, more CO2 into the atmosphere, more greenhouse effect, even more lands open up to use.

It will be interesting to see what nature has in mind when there is standing room only on the whole planet!

Am I scaring anybody yet? Don't worry. It won't happen in our lifetimes. By the time it happens, we will be expanding to Mars, or Jesus will return and fix it all.

Comment by TL Winslow
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Duh, if we could raise global CO2 levels enough without any other bad side effects, we could green the deserts and feed the teeming billions. We need an international scientific effort to make a plan. I already started on my own, check out my plan:

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