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His house raided and ransacked with helicopters and APCs included
Adam Kokesh Arrested Last Night

Adam Kokesh was arrested at his home at 7:45PM Eastern Tue 09 Jul 2013 by US Park Police (Homeland Security) and Herndon, Virgina police. These thugs deployed a battering ram against Adam’s front door and a flashbang (stun grenade) to his foyer. A light armored vehicle and two low-flying helicopters barricaded the street. More than 20 SWAT goons surrounded the house as well as other associated thugs. They trained rifles on Adam and his business team as they were being handcuffed. They ransacked Adam’s home.

These men then spent the next 5 hours searching every corner of Adam’s home with canine units and blueprints to the house. They consistently displayed volatile aggression towards Adam and his team throughout the attack. When Adam requested to use the bathroom, one of these stormtroopers kicked him, forcing him to sit handcuffed on the floor. Adam is currently a prisoner at the Fairfax County Adult Detention Center.

Adam is charged with possession of schedule I or II drugs and with possession of a firearm while in possession of scheduled drugs. He may face anywhere from a minimum 2 years in prison to a maximum of 10.

They plan to arraign Adam tomorrow morning, 11 Jul 2013, in Fairfax County General District Court. They have scheduled a preliminary hearing for October 2.

URGENT ACTION Please assist Adam by taking these urgent actions immediately:

(1) Inform yourself of what happened here:

(2) Join the Call Flood TODAY (and tomorrow):

(3) Donate to support our national press initiative to defend Adam:

(4) Stay tuned for more information and urgent action requests.

Thank you.

George Donnelly
Shield Mutual - the agora's first defense agency
+1 (215) 360-3513 (cell)

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Comment by Ed Price
Entered on:

In this world of hundreds of thousands of laws and court cases, how do you ever know what is the right legal move to make?

Adam might be able to make a bunch of money off this by using the court cases that state that you are not required to make an appearance.

He needs to respond with a non-response response, and to start his special action law suit immediately, and another such suit after 48 hours, and maybe a bunch more suits, depending.

He's young. It might take him years to win. But it could be worth $millions to him.

Comment by Powell Gammill
Entered on:

Gun rights activist Adam Kokesh to stay in jail after refusing to speak to judge

Kokesh, 31, will likely now stay in a northern Virginia detention facility until a preliminary hearing scheduled for October 2 is held.

Adam Kokesh arrested: Activist doesn't speak during arraignment

"Mr. Kokesh," the judge said as the defendant stared wide-eyed into the camera. He did not respond.

"I'll take your silence as your consent," the judge then said before reading the charges against him.

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