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NSA spying never catches Israelis - Why not?

• Jim Dean, Press TV
Intelligence analysis ALWAYS follows a dual track of analyzing what you can see...and what you can't. The massive coverage on the recent Snowden revelations has basically all been theater as most had already been revealed and/or was known about by every Intel agency on the planet.

Two old platitudes come to mind...'Crying Crocodile Tears', and Shakespeare's “Me thinks she doth protest too much”. When you cut through all the smoke and mirrors, the essence is very simple.

Snowden, like Assange...despite the huge amount of classified material with all the embarrassing things that involved so many countries, neither of them seemed to know anything about the massive Israeli espionage that is carried out all over the world.

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Paging Mr. Gehlen.  Mr. Gehlen, Mr. R. Gehlen.  Please pick up the red phone. Moohahahaha!

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