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'Pacific Rim' Is a 'Visual Marvel'


The Lone Ranger made last week something of a bummer at the movies, but this week, Peter Travers is excited to talk about Pan's Labyrinth visionary Guillermo Del Toro's latest film, the action-packed robots vs. aliens epic Pacific Rim.

Summer Movie Preview 2013: Pacific Rim

Set in 2020, the film finds Earth under attack from the Kaiju, Godzilla-like monsters who have risen from the ocean. The only way mankind can fight back is with Jaegers, giant robots piloted by two humans who have to think in sync to operate the machines. If it sounds a tad confusing, don't worry – Travers promises it all makes sense while you're in the theater.

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Comment by Ed Price
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If you click the link to "The Lone Ranger" above, you will be taken to a review that says that the movie was a flop. If you look at the comments under the review, you will see a whole lot of disagreement. The commenters loved "The Lone Ranger."

Now, compare "The Lone Ranger" with "Pacific Rim." "The Lone Ranger," goofy as it might have been in some spots, is a people movie. It points at individual action and individual freedom.

Pacific Rim, on the other hand, points at globalism - one world globalism. The people of the world need to get together to fight off some monsters. It's them or us. And if we don't give the Government the authority to control the fight, we just might lose, and all of us might die.

It seems to go this way with most movies. If the movie is about freedom, the critics say all the bad about it they can. But if the movie points at some kind of MAJOR joint effort among people, where the governments of the world need to get together just to save all of mankind with the people turning their individual freedom over to Government, then the critics love the movie.

If you listen to the critics and the reviews before you go to a movie, you just might listen to what they say. If you do, you are gradually being pushed into globalism, and away from personal freedom by doing it. I have learned to do just the opposite of what the critics say, if I want to see a good movie.

The question is, who is paying the critics?