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Global Warming Effect: Sea Level May Rise More Than 2 Meters In Future By Each Degree Of Warming


According to the research, published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, on Monday, melting of mountain glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica will surpass thermal expansion of the ocean as the most dominant contributor to sea levels rising within the next two millennia. Antarctic ice-loss, which currently contributes less than 10 percent to global sea-level rise, will be responsible for half of the increase in the future.

“Global mean sea level has been steadily rising over the last century, is projected to increase by the end of this century, and will continue to rise beyond the year 2100 unless the current global mean temperature trend is reversed,” researchers said in the study.

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Comment by Howard Pearlman
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Somehow, I just can't get excited about the weather report for 4113. If the water levels actually get that high, the Dutch have shown how to keep the sea out....imagine what methods we will have with all the new technology we have today and will have in the future. There are far more pressing issues (like are we even going to be able to reproduce (GMOs) or not contaminate the entire planet with radioactivity making life impossible for humans, to be addressed than to worry about this non-existant (for the current generation) problem.