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Bernanke: We Are Printing Money, Just 'Not Literally'

• Forbes
We are printing money, just not literally, the Chairman told policymakers, while contradicting himself regarding recent record highs in stock markets, first attributing them both to the strength of the economy and the impacts of monetary policy.  

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Comment by Olde Reb
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 we are printing money but "not literally."  That sounds like double-speak for "we are making book-entry money with which we buy things on the market just like the commercial banks make book entry money but they call it fractional reserve multipliers. The Fed does not have a fractional reserve multiplier limitation.  We can make book-entry money without limit.   Printing of money is done by the Treasury Department of the U.S.  The Fed has to pay 4 cents to 9 cents for each Federal Reserve Note (those are the green things in your billfold) depending on whether it is a $1.00 or a $100 greenie."

Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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They haven't arrested this thug traitor yet?

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