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US Government-Funded News Comes Home


On Jul. 2, a change to the US Information and Educational Exchange Act, also known as the Smith-Mundt Act, came into effect, reversing a ban on the State Department and US international broadcasting agencies which had prevented them from disseminating their program materials within US borders.

The Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), the US federal government agency which oversees all US government-supported media internationally, notes that individuals residing in the US will now have access to vast amounts of new information.

“This is quality, award-winning journalism,” Lynne Weil, a spokeswoman for BBG, told IPS, “so why shouldn’t Americans be able to see and hear it in broadcast quality?”

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Comment by Ed Price
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Here we go again. The article says: "In its mission statement, the BBG says it seeks to 'engage and connect people around the world in support of freedom and democracy.'” There are differences between "freedom and democracy" and "freedom in a republic" and just plain "freedom."

The term "freedom" does not mean "permission to do anything you want without consequences for your actions." Freedom means that you take responsibility for your actions, which actions respect the rights and freedom of others.

Freedom in democracy is limited freedom through majority rule. It has to do with freedom until the majority decides something shouldn't be free. And the majority can even decide whether or not to grandfather in past freedom usage regarding present consequences for action (punishment for something you in your freedom did before the thing became illegal).

Depending on the kind of republic, freedom in a republic can be almost like pure freedom.

Not everybody has common sense. Even the people who have the greatest common sense make common sense mistakes sometimes. Laws should be there only as STRONG GUIDES so that the best common sense is available to all. Because if you harm someone, or damage his property, FREEDOM says you're going to pay, even up to life for life.

If you make laws into actual binding laws, you are limiting freedom. Even the laws don't stop free action. Guns are illegal in Mexico, like pot is in the U.S.. But multitudes of the common people, and the "ruling class," as well, have both in both countries. Yet it is often the people who are simple, humble, law-abiding folks that are required to toe some Governmental investigative line, to their harm by Government, when they are completely innocent.

Up with FREEDOM. Down with democracy. Down with a freedom destroying republic.

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