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Ron Paul: Bernanke’s Farewell Tour

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Last week Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke delivered what may well be his last Congressional testimony before leaving the Federal Reserve in 2014. Unfortunately, his farewell performance was full of contradictory comments about the state of the economy and the effects of Fed policies on the market. One thing Bernanke inadvertently made clear was that the needs of Wall Street trump Main street, the economy, and sound money.  ...

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How does the Fed embezzle $4 billion daily from the government by the FRBNY using the auction accounts of Treasury securities ?

How is the Federal Reserve operating a Ponzi scheme that has created a fraudulent $16 trillion debt that is more impossible to pay off that the Greek, Spanish, Italian or Cyprus debt ??

How does that money fund the New World Order ??

The $16 trillion debt will be collected right after Europe is conquered.

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