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Surprised_ Obama Admin Ignores State Marijuana Right


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Comment by Dracula Tepish
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HERE IS THE PROBLEM WHO OWNS THE PATENT ON MEDICAL MARIJUANA WHY ITS DEA OF THINGS SOUNDS WEIRD HUH AND THE WAR IN AFGHANISTAN IS NOT ABOUT THE TERRORIST IS IT ABOUT  THE SAME STUFF LIKE IN KOREA AND VIETNAM AND THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE AND WHAT IS THAT MAKING MONEY OFF OF DRUGS AND FORGET ABOUT OUR SOLIDER WHO IS JUST A PAWN now then obama is what pot head no he is a major crack head many stories for other people about this freak of nature  and who is his boss the un no the vatican yes mr barry soeturdo is a jesuit priest look at his vp a catholic and look at all the pedophiles in congress and the senate are that too  when rocfellar of sanyo aka standard oil  of new york  he hated the hemp plant for henry ford was in on it with the oil companies to get rid of hemp and make it a class one drug what a joke remember the movie reefer madness that isa major joke i knew some people who smoked all the time and they didnt go crasy except on angel dust pcp tranc mixed with grass makes them insane good example trayvon martin was on angel dust and pot and the same time that implies he went insane and attack george zimmerman  beside the point the marijuana does heal and kills cancer but the fda dont want you to  know that huh




Comment by Stupid Amerkin
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Where the hell are the county sheriff's? Especially the ones that claim to be Constitutional. The house still needs cleaning.

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