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The most screwed up, badly designed, inappropriately used appliance in your home:

As part of its Future of Home Living, PSFK shows the GreenHood from Italian glam-kitchen designer Snaidero and appliance-maker Falmec. They say it " helps eliminates odors while sanitizing the air around it, using a technology similar to what’s found in ionizing air-purifiers….the always ‘on’ hood acts in eliminating odors and pollutants from organic molecules suspended in the air like cigarette smoke and smells from cleaning supplies."

It is a ductless recirculating hood, a type usually thought of as little more than noise-makers, or as Dr. Brett Singer calls them in the New York Times, "forehead greasers." The article in the Times, entitled The Kitchen as a Pollution Hazard, lists some of the chemicals that are emitted while at home on the range:

Frying, grilling or toasting foods with gas and electric appliances creates particulate matter, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide, and volatile organic compounds….Emissions of nitrogen dioxide in homes with gas stoves exceed the Environmental Protection Agency’s definition of clean air in an estimated 55 percent to 70 percent of those homes, according to one model; a quarter of them have air quality worse than the worst recorded smog (nitrogen dioxide) event in London.