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Detroit dysfunction from the inside, Former head of transport for the city says it’s a lost cause

”I felt like a guy in the boiler room of the Titanic, desperately bailing to keep the ship afloat for a few more hours while the DOJ attorneys complained from their first-class cabin that their champagne wasn’t properly chilled.” Bill Nojay, the recent head of the Detroit Department of Transportation tells it like it is. The bureaucracy, the incompetence, the unionized city workers, the fraudulent lawsuits, the complete lack of accountability, means that Detroit has no business asking for a bailout. It is a failed city. It does not work. Many of the people who run the city refuse to work. Any money given to Detroit would be wasted. Worse, it would enable the incompetent and dishonest. The more we learn about Detroit the more it becomes clear that perhaps its just best let the place slowly sink back into the plains of Michigan. The city has been given chance after chance, billions of dollars by various means, but it has refused to change. It’s not compassionate to bail out such a

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