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Why Was Michael Hastings Murdered?

• The Common Sense Show/ Dave Hodges
Part one of this series demonstrated beyond a reasonable doubt that Michael Hastings was brutally murdered and his body was cremated to cover up the crime. 
I am not going to waste a lot of time debating the method of the murder. However, I will briefly say that three general possibilities exist on how he was murdered. One theory put forth by Jim Stone states that a bomb was exploded in, or under, the rear of the vehicle.  The subsequent explosion killed Hastings instantly causing his car to veer across the median and coming to rest next to a tree. The explosion of a bomb would explain why Hastings body would have to be cremated against family wishes to cover the shrapnel that would have penetrated his body and killed him. Mr. Stone’s account is viable. Some have suggested that Hastings car was “taken over” in a “Boston Breaks” scenario in which the car was crashed  and killed Hastings. The existence of this technique is well known. Finally, some assert that Hastings was killed in a drone strike. I do see an imploded pit in the back of the car. A bomb would produce an outward explosion, but that is not what I see. I think he was killed by a drone.

At the end of the day, I am not going to waste time debating the mechanism of death. All three theories are viable. The fact remains that Michael Hastings is dead and he was probably killed by the CIA and I want to know why.

WikiLeaks Is the Key to Understanding What Happened to Hastings

I was approached by an old familiar behind-the-scenes-source and the source was offering information on a Hastings/Snowden connection which will result in the murder of Hastings. This source has never given me anything but completely accurate information.

I was told by my source that Hastings and Snowden were involved in the same issues and had a go-between at WikiLeaks which facilitated contact between the two whistleblowers. My contact stated he was motivated to get the truth out because they were horrified at the fact that the Obama administration has declared open season on journalists and Holder has asserted that the President can kill American citizens outside of due process.

Why Was Hastings Murdered?

Hastings and Snowden had contact with each other through an off-the-books WikiLeaks contributor named Israel Shamir. Hastings was preparing to release what Snowden was holding as leverage against the US government. The mere fact that Snowden is in Russia is highly significant. Snowden’s information has also paralyzed our country’s foreign policy efforts.

Nine months ago, Russia and China threatened the United States with war if they invaded Syria and/or Iran. This is well documented. It is also well-documented that this conflict between Iran and the United States was over the preservation of the exclusive use of the Petrodollar. As I have documented, Iran began selling their oil for gold to Russia, China and India.

Federal Reserve stooge, President Obama, has been beating the war drums with Syria and Iran in an effort to stop the undermining of the Petrodollar. Invasion of Syria and then Iran was imminent, last fall, until China and Russia reacted so strongly. Therefore, Obama used the fallback position of arming al-Qaeda, as he did in Libya, in the hopes of toppling Assad through a CIA inspired revolution and opening the door to making Iran the next victim. However, something has dramatically changed and, at least temporarily, derailed the invasion plans.

Putin Is Using Snowden’s Information As Blackmail

Since the defection of Snowden to Russia, the war rhetoric has really slowed down. Why? What information could the Russians have which could be leveraged against the war intentions of the US and cause them to back down from attacking Syria and Iran? According to my source, Snowden’s information a game changer in the Middle East. I have been told that Snowden uncovered information which indicated at least one false flag attack, and maybe more, have been planned inside the United States and that martial law would be ushered in as a result by the end of 2013. Martial law is necessary because a currency change is coming and so is a third world war.

Putin Holds the Trump Card

Putin has the Snowden information and is leveraging the US into backing off of a war for fear this information would be released. Just stop and think for a moment if this information was released in which Russia announced that the American government is so corrupt that it is planning false flag attacks against its own people in order to usher in martial law because the people will not accept what is coming. This is excellent leverage and it is easy to see why the US has, at least on the surface, has backed off of a total war stance with Syria and Iran because Putin is using Snowden as blackmail.

Enter Michael Hastings into this scenario. In order to get some of Snowden’s information released, could there be any better conduit than Hastings? After all, he brought down the commanding general in Afghanistan. He played a significant role in unseating a CIA director through the revelation of an extramarital affair last fall. Who better to choose than Hastings to begin to facilitate the release of Snowden’s information? I do not believe that the people who made the decision at WikiLeaks to bring Hastings into the Snowden affair could have anticipated that such high profile media figure such as Michael Hastings would be murdered. I hold WikiLeaks blameless in this matter.

Here are some facts that tie together this notion as I have presented it thus far:

1. Hastings sped through a red light at a high rate of speed a couple of minutes before his death. He is clearly running for his life.

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