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Oceans on Mars?

• arclein
Scientists believe that the northern hemisphere of Mars was largely covered by water, as it is at a lower elevation than the southern hemisphere. However, time has weathered the surface, making a large body of water has been

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Comment by Ed Price
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One day last week I worked late at work. It was dark out as I was finishing the job. But the boss wanted to get out of there faster, so he prodded me to work faster. I told him that there were limits to what one person can do. He disagreed, and to prove his point, he told me to walk with him outside.

The moon was already well above the night horizon. So the boss said to me, "Jump to the moon." I responded, "What?! Are you kidding?" He said that he wasn't kidding, and if I didn't at least try... well my job might be hanging in the balance.

So, I jumped. I jumped and jumped and jumped. I got all tired out jumping. Finally I told him, "If I have to keep this up, I won't have enough energy left to finish the work that we have left to do inside!" But he urged me to keep on trying for a little longer. Finally he was forced to admit that there were some things a person just can't do.

The above is just a made-up story. Didn't really happen. If we all get together, if we pool our funds, if we work hard, finally a few of us are able to go into space and beyond.

But space preparation wrecks the climate with all the new chemicals that need to be produced. Others lose their homes in foreclosure just so that there is enough money available for the space program. And NASA spends a thousand dollars on a wrench when the regular store-bought one would have worked just fine.

Sure, a tiny handful of us go to space; less than a fraction of a fraction of a percent of us ever get to go. Meanwhile Government and NASA rape us, and become rich all in the name of space exploration. And those of us who don't want to partake, are forced by taxation to "give our fair share."

The whole thing is just another lie designed to line the pockets of some people in Government or on the take (NASA). Sure we go to space a little. Sure we find out some interesting information. Sure one or two productive things might come out of it all. But the whole idea of Mars probes and Mars colonization is simply a way for someone to get you to hand your hard-earned money over to them. It's another Ponzi scheme.

Among those who line their pockets are a bunch of scientists and academicians. Part of their work is to keep up the advertising end, so that people are happy with the program and keep on supporting it. This is the basic thing that all the rovers are doing out there. They are providing us with enough info to keep us distracted from the realities of life so that we keep funneling money into the pockets of Government and the scientists... even if it brings the rest of us into poverty.

Support it if you like. But there are a whole lot of us who are seeing that space exploration is nothing more than a Ponzi scheme and a way for Government to take our freedoms from us.

Comment by Ed Price
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From the article, "All this makes establishing a human presence on Mars far more practical."

How huge is outer space... the universe? When we look at the mechanism for giving people lots of empty space on earth to live on, all we need do is look at the land area of earth compared with the population. Sure, the population of earth might expand so greatly at some future time that we won't be able to waste all the things that modern American societies waste. But the areas are huge right here on earth.

Now, at a time when the population of earth seems a little to be entering a stage where it might be a little bigger than earth can handle in its present climate and present natural resources waste, we are entering outer space. Probably the empty planets out there are beyond number. When we get to the point of "standing room only" here on earth, we will also be ready to move out an colonize the stars. Probably the mechanism of nature that provided space on earth for people, foresaw our population increases, and set the stars out there for us as well.

Of course, I won't be there. I'll be long dead. And so will you. And who knows what crazy things governments will do to keep the populations down. But we can dream, can't we? I mean, idealism is so much more fun that reality... at least until the reality sets it.

Yet, we will carry on. We will carry on out of love for future generations, so that they can go where no man has ever gone before... like we won't be able to. Why? Because we are the big WE. And Government likes to keep us thinking that way.

I wonder if we continue to give Government our private property labor, if they will ever let us move out to the stars? Of course, even if they do, you and I won't be there. So you and I won't be included among the big WE that settles the stars.

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