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The International Libertarian Says #MyFriendAdam Kokesh is a Peaceful Person (video)

• The International Libertarian
Adam Kokesh is being described by the judge who denied him bail as "a very dangerous man". I say #MyFriendAdam Kokesh is a peaceful person. Read about Adam's persecution at Then make your own video. See

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Ian Wishart, author of TOTALITARIA, interviewed on Coast-to-Coast AM, with George Noory (11 Dec 2013)(Ian Wishart, a former Government Insider, became aware of the "elite" push for N.W.O.  A FASCINATING INTERVIEW!  Topics include the many facets of the Globalist Assault on Humanity, aimed primarily at Americans, and the U.S. Constitution, & Bill of Rights, in an attempt to impoverish, then enslave humanity.  Read also:  THE GLOBALIZATION OF POVERTY, AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER, by Prof. Michel Chossudovsky:

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