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10 Reasons You Should Never Go to the Beach -- Ever


With just one full month left of summer, now is the time to hit the beach if you haven't already. If you have the time, the means and the access, there's just no excuse not to have some fun in the sun.

Science, however, is no stranger to spoiling a good thing. Just look at what it's done with fried food, violent video games and football. Can science spoil your fun this year and give you enough reasons to never go to the beach ever?
You wouldn't sunbathe at the junkyard, yet millions of people every year dump their garbage at the beach. The accumulated cigarette buds, bottles, food wrappers and other trash means that millions of pounds of trash is lining ocean beaches.
If garbage isn't enough to keep you out of the water and off the sands, how about the presence of human waste?

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