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Seattle language police gone wild: Words like 'citizen' to be banned

 According to local reports, some members of the Seattle City Council are actually considering bans on certain words they believe could be misconstrued or misapplied.

KOMO News said banning words was the subject of an internal memo suggesting that "government workers no longer use terms like 'citizen,' or 'brown bag.'" The city's Office for Civil Rights - apparently, yes, Seattle does actually have such an office - such terms are potentially offensive and therefore other words should be used. No word on how officials who run the "civil rights" office decided one morning that such terms were "offensive."

PC is offensive

"Luckily, we've got options," Elliott Bronstein of the Office for Civil Rights wrote in the memo. "For 'citizens,' how about 'residents?'" he said.

Such talk usually means that someone is trying to avoid the fact that illegal aliens - I mean, "undocumented migrants" - are present.

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